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IASIS: Microcurrent Neurofeedback

The small current that makes big waves of change in your life
by using microcurrents to bathe the brain in energy and
restore your healthy brainwave patterns.

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What is it?


Iasis microcurrent neurofeedback (MCN) works to shift blocked patterns in your brain and central nervous system. It stimulates healthy brainwaves and returns you to your natural state. Think of your mind as a river that has a bunch of dams blocking the path of the water. Iasis (MCN) clears those dams and restores your natural flow. This reorganization brings clarity, peace, resiliency, more responsiveness and a feeling of being grounded. Iasis (MCN) disentrains old rigid and dysfunctional patterns allowing the brain to reboot and reorganize with more flexibility and coherence. 


How does it work?


IASIS is thought to work by:

  • Enhancing or modulating brain cell wave and function.

  • Promoting a more balanced autonomic nervous system. (Think more states of “rest and digest” as opposed to “fight, flight, or freeze”.)

  • Enhancing the metabolism of the brain and increasing the clearance of toxins. (Epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol.) 

  • Stimulating neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. (The ability to make new brain cells and connections.)


Who is it for?


Honestly we believe anyone with a brain (everyone) and nervous system can benefit from IASIS treatment. It promotes health and wellbeing of the mind, body and spirit. IASIS is FDA approved and has had great success with anxiety, addiction, depression, insomnia, PTSD, migraines, ADHD, autism, post stroke patients, TBI’s, dementia, brain fog, restlessness, digestive issues and many more. Iasis has been a great adjunct treatment to cancer treatments. IASIS is involved in major studies right now and new information is right around the corner. 


The Experience


The treatment is non-invasive. It involves some skin prep and using a small amount of paste to attach EEG leads to a series of placements on your head and neck. You will not feel anything during the treatment! The initial session and assessment can take up to 60 minutes and the subsequent sessions can take 35-45 minutes.

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