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Porta Alchemica

Italian for "Alchemical Doorway" 


We have been called to create a healing space in Skaneateles.

In choosing a name, the word "alchemy" kept arising.

Eliza, the founder, has Italian ancestry and discovered a place in Rome called Porta Alchemica.

Those ruins have legends of magic & alchemy.

Alchemy is a mystical process of turning lead into gold.  

Here at Porta Alchemica we are activating a portal or gateway 
for transforming our wounds into our greatest strengths, turning fear into love & pain into our greatest teacher.

We know the the body holds the key to not just our physical wellness, but also our emotional wellbeing, ancestral healing, and ultimately transmutation of darkness back into our light.

With the high vibrational crystalline lake as a receptor and activator for healing we know this space has been gifted to us as a portal for healing not just ourselves but also the earth.

We look forward to supporting you by being the "porta alchemica" you've been calling in.


Eliza Jean Greyce

Creator & Ceremonialist

Called to Spirit since early childhood, Eliza has always had a knowing she was meant to support others, heal the earth, and have fun along the way.

Eliza is an intuitive, artist, and healer.  She draws upon her life experiences with depression, anxiety, chronic pain and trauma which have led her to a depth of compassion and energetic awareness. 

A student of life and dedicated to self growth,
Eliza has studied at:

Loyola University Maryland BA  (English & Art)

Integrative Nutrition (Certified Health Coach)

Holistic MBA (Master Transformational Coach)

Energy Healing with Megan Callahan (Master)

Dancing Freedom (Facilitator, Trainer, Master)

New York Institute of Massage (LMT)​

Eliza is a Buffalo, NY native who married a Marcellus man & lives just 10 minutes away in beautiful Rose Hill.


She fell in love with Skaneateles and knew intuitively she would one day have a space for healing here.


She can't wait to meet you and co-create alongside your journey. 

  • Our services are sliding scale priced upon need based request.  We desire to serve all who are genuinely called to this work.

  • We are committed to the conservation of this sacred land & waters. We will donate 5% of our annual revenue to our beloved Skaneateles Conservation Area.

Blessed be.


We subscribe to no religion but to the sacred found in nature, art, and discipline.  There are many sculptures and altars around our space to enhance the connection to this energy.

We're happy to answer any questions you might have about this space shifting practice.



Zora is our "official greeter" 

She's here most days helping out as a therapy pup, smile inducer, & tail wagger.

She is very friendly but if you happen to be afraid of dogs just let us know ahead of time and we'll leave her at home.

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